Huayin Waste Pyrolysis Project

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant convert waste to wealth, it can bring social and economic benefits. Today we will introduce the working principle and values of this project.

  working principle of pyrolysis machine

  1: Feeding raw material: it need about one to two hours. If the diameter of waste tires is less than 1.4 meters, it can put into the reactor directly, otherwise it need to be cut in advance.

  2: Heating: it need about ten hours. Normally after two hours the oil gas would be produced.

  3: Cooling: through cooling system the oil gas will be condensed to fuel oil.

  4: Exhaust gas collecting: in the pyrolysis process it could generate incondensable gas besides oil gas. It is flammable gas, it could be stored to be used as heating material to heat the reactor.

  5: Carbon black and steel wire: after the whole pyrolysis process, the steel wire and carbon black left in the reactor could be removed by discharging system.


  Value of waste tyre to fuel oil

  As the amount of waste tyres in creased, it would have a great impact on environment and also cause great harm to human health if waste tires are not treated properly. Huayin waste tyre pyrolysis plant has a high degree of automation, high efficiency, and environmentally friendly. We have professional R&D team, and provide customers with professional services.

  If you have interest in this green project, please contact us!