How Could You Recycle Tyres?

  The amount of scrap tires continues to increase as the number of vehicles has climbed, it caused huge waste of resources, and also had a great impact on environment. After waste tyre recycling line appeared, it has solved this problem in some degree. Today we will talk about waste tyre recycling process.

  1:Tyre retreading

  According to industry insiders, fully retread tyre adopted professional measures could be reused. Even the current technology has certain requirements for the integrity of retreaded tires, with technological breakthroughs, it will also meet the demands of mid-range cars in the future. As the increasing of used tyres has made the resources of retreaded tires more abundant, so the price of waste tyre processing line will be decreased.

  2:Reclaimed rubber and rubber powder

  If the possibility of tyres reusing is not so high, we could use particular technology to extract rubber powder. And re-refining synthetic rubber could replace the raw materials of rubber products. Besides the concerning problems about pollution in the reclaimed rubber process of high temperature desulfurization was solved.

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  3:Pyrolysis technology

  Compared with other waste tyre recycling lines, tyre pyrolysis project has its own advantages. The fuel oil and carbon black you can get from waste tyres have high economic value. It could be used as heating material or further processed into diesel which could have a higher price. Carbon black could be made into briquettes or deep processed into other materials. As the production technology upgrade, the machine is more environmentally friendly. It could meet the different standards of countries.