Get Fuel from Waste Tyre

  Huayin adopts pyrolysis technology convert waste tyres to fuel oil. Pyrolysis is the high temperature decomposition of organic materials in the absence of oxygen. Tyre is mainly composed of rubber including natural and synthetic rubber, carbon black and many other organic and inorganic additives. Waste tyre pyrolysis mains the process that the main chain of the rubber in tires cracked into monomer, and fragments in the certain temperature at a sealed reactor. Then polymerized into a variety of olefins and removing volatile substances into solids carbon. The end products of this process will be fuel oil, carbon black, flammable gas, and steel wire. The composition of each product is different as the different pyrolysis methods, temperature etc.


  As a 28 years waste tyre pyrolysis machine manufacturer Huayin will offer you a green solution of waste tyre recycling. We have different configuration and customized capacity for your choice. It will increase the pyrolysis efficiency, and also safe. We also have technical engineer to help you install the machine and train the workers.

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