Please Take Care, Keep Healthy and Free from Coronavirus

Now the coronavirus is basically in control in China, and people start to resume their normal life and work. But the coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Huayin is seriously concerned about our friends and clients overseas. Hope you, your family members and your colleagues are all safe, healthy and free from coronavirus.

There are measures you may take during the coronavirus period:

No panic. Keep calm, carry on and get the flu shot.

Wash your hands with soap, then wash them again.

Wearing masks.

Avoid gathering.

Stock up on groceries, medicine and resources.


Because of the coronavirus, we couldn’t send our engineer out of China easily temporarily. But we can arrange our after-sales service manager, sales manager and engineer make video calls with clients. This can also help them do the installation job. During the past month we applied this way to help one Syrian client finish 90% of his machine installation. This not only solved the engineer dispatching difficulty, but also helped clients make full use of this special period, avoiding project installation delay.

If you want to see manufacturing details before purchase, or check goods before dispatching or install your tire and plastic pyrolysis plants, you can also have video conference calls with us.