Work Resumption of Huayin

Time flies, February comes to the end, and everything is gradually returning to normal after the restrained management caused by corona virus. 
     The leaders of Huayin Company attach great importance to the epidemic prevention and control work as the current priority task. The first time is to organize forces and establish a prevention and control leading group. The epidemic prevention and control work plan and emergency plan clarify the duties of epidemic prevention and control of persons in charge at all levels.

pyrolysis factory (1).png

With the effective epidemic prevention measures and high cooperation of all employees, Huayin passed the resumption on-site audit by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and completed the record approval. On February 27, we resumed work as planned and entered the factory after passing the temperature test. As of February 28, the company had no confirmed, suspected or quarantined personnel.

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Thanks to the old customers who understood and supported during the epidemic, all the new customers who placed orders, and all staffs are working effectively and safely to carry out production. We believe we will pass those difficulty and hardship successfully, keep forgoing to complete our 2020 target. We will do our efforts to complete orders with quality and quantity as always.