Reorder 6 units Pyrolysis Plant

In 2018, Thailand customer visited our factory , purchased 2 sets plastic pyrolysis plant, 1 distillation plant with color and smell removal device.

Because there are large amount of plastics in Thailand and plastic is very hard to degrade, burning or landfill can not solve it entirely. Huayin  pyrolysis plant can convert waste plastic to fuel oil and diesel 


Equipment started production very smoothly with high productivity, on one hand, solved waste plastic problem, on the other hand, bring positive benefit to customer.


Huayin professional service and reliable quality satisfied customer. In the beginning of 2019, this customer reordered 6 units pyrolysis plant   

machines operate normally,everyday can produce 24-27T pyrolysis oil, about 23T diesel, make profit in a very short time


After distillation, color and smell removal device, diesel color is pure, oil samples approved test ,our boss had more than 20 years oil refining experience, Huayin can provide technology support