Mediacl Waste Incinerator

Last week we went to Huayin factory to learn about Huayin medical waste incinerator. This machine adopts the secondary combustion, the minimum operating temperature of 850°C so the waste material could be burned completely in the chamber. It is dust-free, odorless and avoiding secondary pollution and making the smoke & dust content lower than the prescribed emission standards. It could process most types of medical & pathological waste. 

Medical waste refers to contaminated waste produced by hospitals, such as used cotton balls, gauze, tape, waste water, disposable medical equipment, post-operative waste, expired medicines, etc. The composition of medical waste is complex and contains a large number of pathogenic viruses and infectious pathogens. If it is not strengthened and discarded at will, it will cause serious pollution to the atmosphere, water, land and plants.

medical waste pyrolysis.jpeg

Huayin Medical Waste Incinerator is well-designed, it has a compact structure and small occupied area so the maintenance cost and investment will be lower. The harmful substances in the waste are decomposed by oxidation and pyrolysis at high temperature, which is a technology that can achieve the harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization of waste at the same time.

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